Mobile App vs. Mobile Web Which is Best

Thinking to establish an app for your business, but having a confusion between the mobile applications which users can download (app) or a mobile website or may be both.

Mobile application and mobile web looks same both give same appearance at a first-glance. But, which suits you most depend on following factors such as target audience, budget, intended purpose and required features.

What’s the difference between mobile app and mobile web?

Before deciding on which way you go, firstly understand the major features of both. Both mobile web and mobile apps are handled by mobile phones (e.g. iPhone, Android, Blackberry) and tablets.

The Mobile web is similar to the website, which contains browser-based HTML pages that are linked together and can be accessed over the Internet through mobile phones.

Obviously, there are some major difference between the mobile website and a standard website is that it have a smaller display and a different touch-screen interface. The mobile website works is same as of normal website, it display test, videos, content and images.

But they have some Mobile-specific features like click-to-call or location based mapping.

Mobile apps, available in Play store only. Have completely different User interface from the website. The App pull the data and content from the internet, or you can download data from app which you can accessed without Internet.

Which is Better- Mobile App or web?

Clarify your requirements first and then choose from between Mobile App or a mobile website. It totally depends on one end goals.

If you are thinking to develop an interactive game then mobile app is the best option for you. But, if you only want to offer a mobile-friendly content to your user then a mobile web is the perfect option for you.

Sometimes, you have to make a choice between the mobile app or mobile website, but it`s also fine to have a mobile website on the place of mobile app.
Frankly speaking, mobile website always be your first preference, whereas mobile app is useful when you want show or add some more specific-features that cannot be shown in web-browser.

Advantages of Mobile Web over Mobile App?

If you main goal is to do marketing or public communication then mobile website would always be your first choice. As mobile website have number of advantages over mobile app. Let`s discuss few of them!!

1. Immediacy – Mobile Websites Are Instantly Available 

This is the best advantage of having mobile web is that it can be accessed from any mobile (iPhone, Android, Windows etc.)

While, with apps one have to download them first form the store and then the content of application become available- a notable obstacle between the initial conversation and action conversion.

2. Compatibility – Mobile Websites are Compatible across Devices

The mobile website can reach to users by different types of mobile devices, but in native mobile app one have to develop an app for separate versions of each mobile device.

In mobile website, the URL`s can easily be integrated with other mobile technologies like SMS, QR Codes and Near Filed Communication (NFC).

3. Upgradability – Mobile Websites Can Be Updated Instantly

The mobile websites can easily be update because of their dynamic nature, one can change the design or content of mobile website by simply clicking on edit button and changes were immediately visible. But in case of mobile app, doing changes will take time, firstly user demand to make a change in app, which will send to developers, they update the app for each type of device.

4. Findability – Mobile Websites Can be found easily

The mobile websites are easier to find for users because their pages were displayed on top, and determined in industry-specific directories, which become easier for qualified visitors to find.

One important thing the users who are regular visitors of your website can automatically send to your mobile site when they are on a handheld (by using device-detection technique).

But, in case of Mobile App, searching an app of own choice will create problem sometime because of same keyword used for many apps.

5. Share ability – Mobile Websites Can be Shared Easily by Publishers, and Between Users

The link URL`s of mobile website can easily be shared via text messages, Facebook, Twitter post. Bloggers or publishers directly post the link website on their blog or website.

But this type of share ability cannot be done in App.

6. Reach – Mobile Websites Have Broader Reach

Since, mobile website is an easily accessible platform among the users, as well as search engines, they have fast and greater reach capability then a native mobile app.

7. A Mobile Website can be an App!

Like a standard website, a mobile website can also be developed as database-driven web application which also act like a native mobile app.
One can also say, that a mobile website application is just an alternative of native app development.

8. Lifecycle – Mobile Websites Can’t be deleted

It`s somewhat true, that the lifespan of an app on the user device is pretty short, less than 30 days according to some research.

So, it`s all depend on you how can you make an app to stay in their devices by adding some more functionality and unique features which are not available in other apps.

Some famous mobile apps will always remain in user device. Now, it`s in your hand that how long you can keep an app in user`s device.

9. Time and Cost - Mobile Websites are Easier and Less Expensive

It`s obvious, that mobile websites are less expensive and consume less time than mobile app. But normally, mobile app will take 3 months in developing on different platforms.

10. Support and Sustainability

The mobile web doesn`t demand for regular updates and testing, but the mobile app doesn’t end with the initial launch regular updates, testing, compatibility issues are the ongoing process in it, which also cost you very expensive.

When Mobile App also start making a sense:

So, we have discussed many benefits of mobile web, but still apps hold their special place. Some of the benefits of using an app which make sense are:
Interactivity/Gaming – Choosing an app for interactive games like Candy Crush will always be your first choice.

Regular Usage/Personalization – If you want that user will use your app on a daily basis and personalized fashion than think about Evernote, it is a great wat to do that.

No connection required – if the user wants to access some content or wants to perform function without having internet connection than App makes a Sense.


As long as mobile devices remain in market the choice between the mobile app and mobile web will also remain. It totally depends on you, if you’re website in only for generating awareness in people then mobile web would be a perfect choice. Looking to engage customers marvelously in your app, choose some creative and unique features, then you should Hire mobile app developers India.

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