10 JavaScript frameworks to improve your mobile development

Facing issues in screen resolution, conflicting CSS and HTML code, these were the things which generally happened to mobile development in the past.

Some mobile app developers still engaged with these issues, but, now the time has come to learn new tricks.

Many businesses are adopting the mobile versions of their website which help them to generate more awareness in people regarding their product and services.

Java Script has been the main reason for the growth in mobile development.

Java Script frameworks are light in weight which makes web browsing fast without affecting the looks of website and has made it easy to use touch screen devices.

It permits the user to browse the website by a finger gestures like tapping, scrolling and zoom. Java scripts has not only resolve the issue of cross-browser compatibility but also made it easy to develop cross-platforms websites, which also increase the number of visitors.

There are many Java Script frameworks which are available in market for the mobile development.

Here I made a list of top 10 popular Java Scripts which, you can use to improve the mobile development.

JQuery Mobile-

JQuery is the widely used and very popular framework for mobile development. This framework can easily transfer the semantic markup language into a user-friendly format and make operation easy on touchscreens. The HTML5 mobile framework allows the user to build a cross-platform website and apps. For the JQuery no heavy coding is required. So the developers can easily integrate the switches and sliders. JQuery have limited graphical elements and a widget library which makes the operation easy in touch phones.

The latest version of JQuery is beta version having lots of improvements.

The M Project-

The M Project is an easy and simple Java Script framework which comes with the latest and upgraded features of HTML5. It comes with MVC (Model View Controller), which allows the developers to extract the business logic from the data. By M Project framework one can create web application for many devices like desktops, tablets and website for smartphones too.

The M Project recently collaborated with the Panacoda which help framework to expand its features and quality.

Appcelerator Titanium-

If you are looking for a Java Script framework which comes with the effects of cloud computing and dependability, then you must consider Appcelerator Titanium. By this framework one can develop mobile application for both Android and iPhones. One can use this framework to build switches, table views and popvers. If you are having limited knowledge of HTML, CSS and Java Script then it will not be a problem because handling these things in Appcelerator Titanium is an easy task.

In this framework one can easily integrate the mobile devices, cameras and files stored in device.

If you face any problem in Appcelerator Titanium then their community support is so strong that it will provide help to you in many ways, while the mobile developers work continoulsy on the framework.

Sencha Touch-

Sencha Touch is the popular framework, one can develop mobile applications for many operating systems like Kindle, BlackBerry, OS and Android. It consists fully-featured widget library which contains the EXT JS Java Script Library and targeted to a Class A web kit browsers.

The latest version of Sencha touch boasts an easier API, increase MVC and enhance the speed with native packaging, which is easy to use.


Zepto is a framework which is designed for the mobile Webkit browser such as Safari and Chrome. Using this framework one can build mobile application easily and simply. The main goal of designing this Zepto framework because it keeps the things to the point and accurate. This Zepto framework is extremely light, easy and quick to use.


DHTMLX Touch is another HTML5 framework by which the designers can develop designs for touch devices and smartphones. This framework contains an easy-to-use user interface. If you are looking for a framework that minimizes the coding, then choose DHTMLX Touch.

This DHTMLX touch framework allows developer to make different types of application for various mobile platforms.

Lime JS-

Lime JS the best framework to develop the gaming application for mobiles. This HTML Java Script framework allows you to develop the touchscreen friendly games. Which work on both applications and browsers.

You can get the native experience of gaming with Lime JS.

JQ Touch-

JQ Touch framework can be sued to build the mobile applications for JQuery Mobiles. This framework can easily convert the semantic markup language into a gesture friendly format.

This aps which created by JQ Touch will only operate on small screens and especially targeted for Class a WebKit Browsers, like Android and Apple devices.

Tree Saver-

If you want to create the layouts for magazine site, then this would be the best framework. The tree saver framework comes with the CSS and standard HTML, which admits the layouts to fit into various devices and browsers. One can easily and quickly design the array of application by using this framework.


If you are looking for a framework that would not create a mobile platform and only works on desktop friendly platform and convert it into mobile-friendly platform, then you should consider Mobilizejs framework.  First of all, it is an open source module which contains the version of WordPress. these are the two things which give an extra comfort to mobile application developers. This is only one framework which automatically detects the mobile bowsers and easily integrates it, without changing the server.

Hence, these are some best 10 most popular Java Script frameworks which are used to improve the Mobile Development.

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