Design check Is your App ready for Christmas sales?

Soon it is time again: People are beginning to buy their Christmas presents. To avoid long lines and crowded department stores, more and more buyers get their presents on mobile. Reason enough to your app adopt a little, because just like in the shops, also includes Christmas spirit a bit in your app!

Having you create a checklist of the most important points for the Christmas season, we want to show you in this article how you Christmas fit doing your app with simple means and thus more becomes from holiday shopping pie, after all, this is the most profitable time of the year.

1.                 Adjust the start / Landing Page

Make Christmas in the next few weeks to your main theme. Here it is important to regularly vary and capture the users with pictures, headlines and good ideas. About pictures and images slider can more motivation mediated than pure product and menu lists.
If you are not a trained designer, but your app at Christmas time anyway to show from the best side, be sure to check the free design programs.

2.                Gift Categories develop (Vintage Watches)

Simplify your customers to find the perfect Christmas gift by you put on classic or creative gift categories. So, they can be found easily in your app cope and benefit - just as you - creative gift ideas:

Examples of classic categories:

·       Gifts by price, for example, Gifts under 40 $
·       Gifts to individuals, as Gifts for women / men / children, sister / brother, best (r) friend (in), father / mother
·       Gifts by Character / personality, for example, Gifts for adventurers, romantics, Chiller, gourmet, ...

3.                Offer Christmas Deals

So, that the customer Browsed not only with you, but also buys, it is urgent to create. Competitions as every day a new offer, which is only valid for 24 hours and do a "Christmas calendar" action therefrom. Through a hint banner on the home page your customers pay attention to the action and can for 24 days each open a "door", behind which is a daily changing offer is.

If you, the term "live shopping" nothing says, then you can learn about it more here.

To give your live shopping a Christmas touch, put a page with the following widgets:

·       image with dimensions of 1200 * 500 for the upper section
·       Live-Shopping widget
·       Image with dimensions of 1200 * 200 for the lower range

Create the images for Christmas in your store design.


For your customers Christmas is perhaps not yet fully present, for you as a trader, it is a good preparation! Be prepared for when starting your customers in November with the purchase gifts. Start on time, so you do not miss anything! When should you have checked what step of Christmas preparation. 
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